CAN ART STOP A BULLET: William Kelly's Big Picture

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Mercury Cinema

13 Morphett St , Adelaide , SA, 5000

Iris Cinema at Mercury Cinema

13 Morphett St , Adelaide , SA, 5000

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William Kelly, widely considered the social conscience of Australian art, once said: "Art can't stop a bullet, but it can stop a bullet from being fired."
Can it?
Filmed on five continents, with contributions from over 20 artists, thinkers and activists, this documentary explores the power of art to influence the violence in the world.

Presented by:
f-reel pty ltd & FanForce

F-reel is an independent film production company that has been operating for some time producing social issue documentaries and dramas. CAN ART STOP A BULLET is the latest production, only just completed.

Producer - Fiona Cochrane,
Writer/ Director - Mark Street


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