Camino Man
Camino Man
Camino Man on stage

Camino Man

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Storytelling
New South Wales • SA Premiere

A middle-aged man, looking a little manic and like he’s ready to hike across the country, bounds onto stage and launches into song. What follows is Camino Man: a performance about the time Steve Wilson trekked across the north coast of Spain. It’s a story of reflection and redemption as Wilson meets a number of people who help him make sense of his recent experiences. It’s about discovering your smile, it’s about finding love, it’s about saying sorry, and it’s about finding peace with trauma.
Camino Man is a one-man show performed by Wilson in a mixture of storytelling and slide presentation. It's an inspirational travel story.

Presented by: stevprodukt and The Garage International

After a long career in arts administration, education, and raising a son, Wilson returned to performance with his first solo production at the Newcastle Fringe in 2021 where Camino Man won Best New Show. He won again with Best Individual Performance at Dubbo Fringe 2021, and then presented Camino Man at Edinburgh Fringe in 2022.

Wilson has an interest in storytelling and solo performance using the format of a slideshow presentation as used by William Yang and his solo presentations at Belvoir in the 1980s, and in the monologues of Spalding Gray, but with a performative or enacted presentation.

In 2022 Wilson also performed "Don't Touch Me! A tale of cats and hugs" about his experiences housesitting, looking after people's cats, and a phobia to hugging.

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