A group of performers pose together in front of the sparkly silhouette of a private investigator
A performer dressed in a blue vintage outfit swings on a trapeze
A group of acrobats in gold sparkly costumes build a human pyramid

Cab Suave

Circus • LGBTQIA+

An ambitious private investigator. A jealous client with a vengeful agenda.

A new show in town with circus, live music, and a line out the door. 

Can Dick Johnson dig up the dirt on Cabaret Suave and send them packing? Or will these fierce and fabulous personalities live to dazzle another day? 

Step inside this suave establishment and be transported back in time in a fresh, flirty, yet family friendly take on circus cabaret. Cab Suave brings you reimagined film noir with a twist - a show packed with all the circus you could need, a script full of zingers, and a whole lot of charm. 

★★★★1/2 "A clever meld of circus and cabaret presented in a shadowy film noir world" - The Advertiser

★★★★ "Breathes new life into this crime-drama genre" - InDaily


Presented by: Sparkle Society

Sparkle Society was founded by two long time collaborators, Latonya Wigginton and Abby Kelso, with the aim to make performing arts company that focuses on transparency with artists, representation for queer artists and making live performance accessible to a wide audience.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Sultry, stylish and slick, Cab Suave is a clever meld of circus and cabaret presented in a shadowy film noir world. - Craig Cook, The Advertiser

  • Like a Hitchcock film crossed with ‘Chicago’, this high energy show is one for the bucket list. - LACHLAN DRISCOLL, Theatre Haus

  • A win for queer visibility and a triumph for theatre - Sitchu

  • Cab Suave is seen to be corrupting the “good people” of society, a fresh and engaging metaphor for homophobic views of the LGBT community - Michelle Wakim, Inreview

  • It was sophisticated and sexy with a 1920s speakeasy elegance that had just the right amount of risqué - Anastasia Lambis, Hi Fi Way