Fabiano lighting a candle in a winery
Candle light dinner with people
candle light dinner with no people

By Fabiano

Events • Food and Drink
Italy • World Premiere

Fabiano Minchella presents his first collection of hand grown and handmade wines that are the culmination of a determined vocation. Set in the heart of McLaren Vale, overlooking the Fleurieu, Fabiano will take you on sensory adventure throughout the estate followed by a 5 course dinner.
Inspired by the concept of agritourismo, the By Fabiano dinners aim to showcase the pre-release of his wines along with home-made dishes that will match every single drop.

If you have any dietary requirements (gluten-free or any dairy requirements) please contact Alex at iasiello.alex@gmail.com or 0413-136-802 before the event.

Presented by: By Fabiano