Two burlesque wrestlers in 80’s style outfits are lit by green and pink lighting against a black background. One performer is standing on a ladder and smiling gleefully while throwing a haymaker punch to the other’s jaw. The other performer is looking at the camera while pulling a silly face from the implied impact of the punch and has their arms out to either side.
A burlesque wrestler grimaces at the camera while being kneed in the face. The knee is covered with a pink leopard print knee pad and fishnet stockings. They are framed by a purple ostrich feather boa, and are lit by green and pink lighting against a black background.
A burlesque performer in a silver sequined gown and crown poses cheekily in the foreground. She’s biting a black satin glove between her teeth and has her other hand on her hip. Another stands behind her wearing an 80’s wrestler style green leotard and pink and gold gauntlets. She has her head tilted back and fists clenched in front of her in a power pose. They are lit by green and pink lighting against a black background.


The 80's are upon us and the new TV sensation BurlesqueMANIA has everyone ready to RUMBLE! Mischievous Bell Productions is here to hand deliver a knuckle sandwich to the world of Tease! We’ve got a fistful of talented tantalisers ready to throw their tiaras into the ring and shake their money-makers. Watch this casting call to see who will climb the ladder match to success, and who will have their sashes and hopes dashed against the ropes. Ass-els will be worn. Tassels will be torn. These may be some of the best butts in the business… but they’re about to get their asses kicked!

Dress it up in your best 80's get up, wrestling robe or burlesque gown for your chance to win the coveted costume crown!

Photographer @starkiller.kreations

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Cabaret • Burlesque
South Australia • World Premiere

Sat, 24 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

60 min

My Lover Cindi

$30 to $36

R18+ (6 Warnings)

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