Bunker - A person in a protective suit and steampunkish gas mask leans against a grey brick wall in a bunker.


The end times are approaching, apocalypse-preparation-exhaustion has set in but two estranged brothers see a goldmine in misery: selling climate-change bunkers door-to-door to desperate people. You know, like bunkers were all the rage at the time of the atom bomb? As the final days approach, we meet our brothers spruiking their wares. Explore just what your cash can get you - boxes of beans, water, maybe a toilet if you are lucky. If the apocalypse doesn't kill you, assembling your ikea bed will. 10 Cloverfield Lane meets Glengarry Glenross meets Death of a Salesman meets The Road, but funny. Minions, madness, and music from the people who brought you Everything they Ever Said with Fingers Crossed Behind their Backs (Dream BIG) and One Day He Changed (Fringe).


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Satire
South Australia • World Premiere

Wed, 21 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

50 min

Prompt Creative Centre

$20 to $33

M (1 Warning)

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