Brazil Town, a show about world hits played with Brazilian rhythms.

Brazil Town - The Show

Music • International
International • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Brazil Nuts Orchestra playing World Hits in a very Brazilian way.
Can you imagine Elvis Presley singing with a Brazilian carnival percussion?
Louis Armstrong playing Bossa-Nova?
Let's find out how it sounds!

Presented by: Brazil Nuts Orchestra

Felipe (singer/acoustic guitar) and Gustavo (double bass) are from the same city, São Paulo - Brazil, however, they just met each other in Adelaide, May 2019. The passion for music made their different approaches and backgrounds join together into a mix of 50s and 60s songs, classical music and Brazilian songs.
In June 2019 they tried the first busking together, which happened at Henley Square, Henley Beach. Since then, they have been getting care and attention from the people of Adelaide.