Box and Cox: Married and Settled!

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Box and Cox: Married and Settled! - Event image

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If you found yourself laughing at Box and Cox, then you'll love this unexpected sequel!
All the flavour and fun of the original farce, with new characters and new antics sure draw a smile on any face.

Once again, we see a happy meeting between people get turned on its head with misinterpretation and absurd circumstance. Will Mr Cox ever find his lost umbrella? Has there been any foul play amongst our characters?

The silliness and slapstick will again give you that good belly laugh when you are looking for a show at the fringe that isn't too eccentric. Maniacal Arts proves once again that all ages can find the fun in this timeless humour.

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Maniacal Arts

Maniacal Arts - A producing body within the entertainment industry, branching into all areas where fun and entertainment can be had. Be Fun! Be Cheeky! Be Entertaining!

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