Bourgeois & Maurice together appear in blue and purple sequins. Maurice has a large black beehive and Bourgeois has short shiny black hair and lashes.
Bourgeois & Maurice gaze at themselves in a mirror surrounded by fairground lights. They wear bright pink sparkly ruffed outfits.
Bourgeois & Maurice appear together in purple and blue sequins. Maurice is jumping in the air with her arms up, and has a huge black beehive. Bourgeois is wearing a cape made of shredded sequins and has sexy black lashes and very shiny hair.

Bourgeois & Maurice - Pleasure Seekers

Cabaret • Comedy
United Kingdom • Australian Premiere

Cult cabaret superstars Bourgeois & Maurice return to Adelaide with a spectacular new show that puts the FUN back into our fundamentally pointless existence!!! 

“Modern-day music hall stars” The Guardian

Packed with whip-smart original songs, jaw-dropping outfits and hilariously savage wit, 'Pleasure Seekers' is a gloriously unhinged yet bizarrely life-affirming homage to hedonism in all its filthy, fabulous glory.

“Highly camp, emotionally dour, sociopolitically charged and irresistibly catchy all at the same time” The Advertiser

Don't miss the brand new show from one of the UK's most subversive and original musical acts. 

★★★★★“A machine gun of quips, honed to the bone” North West End

★★★★ “It’s hard to think of any other act delivering such clever, funny and sharp material” Time Out


Presented by: Bourgeois & Maurice

Sequin-clad satirical weirdos Bourgeois & Maurice are alien siblings from another planet that you’ve probably never heard of because it’s very new and cool and obscure. They write songs that stick in your head like bloodstains in your nice new carpet. Their world is a sexy, stomping, politically-charged echo chamber. A highly theatrical kaleidoscope of current affairs, moral confusion and slippery social commentary. They have created a further 8 full-length theatre shows as a double act, and their 2016 show How To Save The World Without Really Trying was one of the top 20 best reviewed comedy shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2016. In 2020 they enjoyed critical success with their main stage musical Insane Animals.