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Bring your squad to 'BOSS SQUAD'! This brand new ripper of a show calls out the cat callers, while embracing all things weird and acrobatically wonderful. A collaboration between Wildhouse Circus and Point & Flex Circus. Expect to see high-level circus skills from BOSS SQUAD's female acrobats who are changing the stereotypes of women in Circus.

★★★★★ "They're a fast, fierce, and formidable female force who will entertain and empower you in ways you won't expect." Serenade Files 2020.
★★★★ "This show is for any girl who has ever been told they shouldn't be strong. For any girl who has been told to behave 'like a girl'." Fest Mag 2019.
★★★★ "The show is triumphant and worthy of a standing ovation." Weekend Notes 2019.

Important information:
This event takes place in an open-air venue within Gluttony. Unless it is deemed unsafe to do so, the show goes on, rain or shine, so please come prepared for the forecast weather. Umbrellas are not permitted during performances. Entrance to this venue is off Rundle Rd via Gate E.

Presented by: Wildhouse Circus and Point & Flex Circus

Wildhouse Circus (formed in 2012 in Melbourne) & Point & Flex Circus (formed in 2013 in Adelaide) are both national award-winning circus companies, comprised of internationally renowned artists. Both companies create new, engaging and innovative work for diverse audiences. BOSS SQUAD is a collaboration between these two circus companies. The creative ensemble are six young (22 - 26 years old) female professional circus artists, who all came through community youth circus and now are coaches in addition to performing artists. The women created BOSS SQUAD as ‘love letter to our teenage selves and the teenagers today’. BOSS SQUAD is everything a circus show is assumed to be, fun, energetic and exciting. But is also boldly political and is a celebration of what women can achieve.

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