4 friends react with silly facial expressions to mini burgers.
Big Purple BOOP is written vertically down the centre
Inside the “O’s” of BOOP are two images: a handstand and a person swimming
In a group, four people look in horror at at a structure of perspex higher than them which one member must climb. Each are crouching with their arms raised warily, and are wearing similar brown uniforms.
A woman is doing a handstand precariously counterbalanced, by 3 friends on the edge
of a tall diving board like structure made of clear perspex.


Circus • Family
Victoria • SA Premiere

Winners of the 2021 Gasworks Circus Showdown Adelaide Fringe Award are coming! 

Your everyday supermarket transformed into a joyous world of balance, circus and Perspex! 

A ragtag team of employees subvert the 9-5 with crashing shelves, trolley races, and terrifying stunts! But will these comedic characters ever find what they’re really looking for?

This daring and hilarious 50-minute family show immerses you in physical theatre, clown and inventive acrobatics on a never-seen-before apparatus!

Statera engaged at-risk youth through a collaborative creative development process. The result is a show that was specifically designed to engage young adults and teenagers. 
“Imaginative, clever, funny and upbeat... you won’t have seen [this] before.” The Blurb                               

Please Note: There has been an update to Accessibility Services offered on this show.  Audio Description and Tactile Tours are now only available on Wednesday 16th March 10:30am.

Presented by: Statera Circus

Statera is a joyous, adventurous and inquisitive circus and physical theatre collective. Through circus performances and extended community engagement programs, we facilitate artistic opportunities for young people including those from vulnerable communities.

There are four acrobats in our collective; Karina Schiller, Dylan Singh, Aleshanee Kelso and Tomas Correia and a stage & tour manager; Anette Lindroos.

We studied under world-class teachers from the National Institute of Circus Arts and the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and performed around the world with companies like Circus Oz and Casus Circus. Our group is majority-female and includes cast members who identify as Indigenous and LGBTQI+.

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