The cast of bones stands facing towards and away from protagonist Fafi who is holding roses in the centre.
Fafi is seen bending over holding her hand out and flicking her hair over
Callan is pictured staring at the camera with a layered image of him looking to the side.


• Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

‘BONES’ is a live dance production that questions one's interpretation of addiction, addictive personalities and the subsequent impact on people around them. Exploring the difference between chemical and behavioural addictions, through an amalgamation of movement, sound & colour, be transcended in an all-encompassing dance/theatre experience.

The story tells of different addictions from social media, materialism, substance abuse, food, sex and health/fitness. Addiction and addictive personalities are common, yet some are stigmatised based on their social acceptability, while others often become ignored. Therefore, shedding light on all addictions, and how psychologically they are interlinked, is very important to the piece and us. 


Presented by: Delinquent Creatives

Delinquent Creatives is a female-run production and entertainment company.
Led by Creative Director Fiona Smith and Assistant Producer Ina Young.
Specialising in Cabaret, Dance, Theatre and Music production.

The Delinquents - Adelaide Fringe 2023 Gluttony
BONES - Adelaide Fringe 2023 Gluttony
Fafi D'Alour Sugar Takeover - Adelaide Fringe 2023 Sugar

Fafi D'Alour & The Delinquents
Adelaide Fringe 2016 // Perth Fringe 2017 // Adelaide Fringe 2017 // Melbourne Fringe 2017 // New York Fringe Encore Series 2017 // Adelaide Fringe 2019 // Adelaide Fringe 2020 // Adelaide Fringe 2021 // Adelaide Fringe 2022
WINNER 'Best Dance' Adelaide Fringe 2023 // Adelaide Fringe 2022