A cage with current national statistics of domestic family violence. Bottom/left - Woman with knife trying to cut rope. Bottom/right - aggressive male.
A woman is trapped inside a cage, she is on her knees and looks very worried. On the left is a man asleep and another woman standing over him.
Woman is sitting inside a rickety cage. She looks very worried. Behind her are crumbled walls and a barren landscape.

Bone Cage

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Immersive
South Australia • World Premiere

"This is a timely and important piece of work" ★★★★ Glam Adelaide .

UniSA Creative researchers and local independent theatre company, Stage Secrets, have collaborated to address the surge in domestic family violence (DFV) cases due to COVID restrictions. Theatre director and research lead, Dr Corinna Di Niro, has adapted Geoff Gillham's 'Bone Cage' so audiences not only bear witness to the confronting situation before them, but feel imprisioned by the live and video action surrounding them. This is made possible through immersive technology and clever audience positioning to reinforce the fact that for many DFV survivors there is simply nowhere to go. 'Bone Cage' sheds light on domestic violence in a tragically beautiful performance like few have ever before. Post-show discussion/workshop included.

Presented by: Stage Secrets

Corinna Di Niro runs an independent theatre company, Stage Secrets, and is a lecturer / creative researcher at University of South Australia. She is passionate about using theatre as a tool for social change, in particular, raising awareness of issues affecting women and children. Her adaptation of 'Bone Cage' pushes the boundaries of theatre by integrating immersive technology - a concept stemming from her VR + Theatre TEDx talk in 2019. In conjunction with fellow UniSA creatives, Corinna and her team of local artists demonstrate the power of theatre in this heart-wrenching and tragically beautiful piece that confronts the very real and often conflicting challenges of women trying to leave abusive relationships.