Three performers wearing khaki singlets and pants standing in a line on a darkened stage. Their faces are illuminated by small white lights attached to a long bar which they hold overhead with one arm.
Three performers wearing khaki singlets and pants stand in a row on a black stage. The middle performer’s right arm is raised and her middle finger is extended. Another performer holds a microphone up to the 'rude finger' gesture.
A row of three performers lying on a dark stage with their knees raised in the air. Resting on their shins is a long plank from which bright white lights shine down onto their bodies.


• Contemporary
Victoria • SA Premiere

A gripping new dance work exploring the physical effect of legal systems on the body, from lawyer-turned-choreographer Rhys Ryan. In a tightly controlled arena, driven by the pulse of a slowly accelerating metronome, three performers weave movement with metaphor to reveal the invisible laws that shape our actions.

Laws are designed to regulate behaviour. How a body responds to these pressures – either deliberately or unconsciously – is a complex phenomenon. We must constantly navigate the tension between external rules and our innermost desires. Do we resist, conform or adapt? The answer is both choreographic and political. 

Timelier than ever, ‘Bodylex’ confronts audiences with a stark and provocative view of the systems we occupy and the choices we make within them.


Presented by: Rhys Ryan

Rhys Ryan is a dance artist from Naarm/Melbourne working across performance, choreography and critical writing. He trained at the Victorian College of the Arts and has performed for Stephanie Lake, Russell Dumas, Anouk van Dijk, Kate Denborough, Linda Sastradipradja, Phoebe Robinson and Chunky Move. His choreographic credits include ‘Bodylex’ (Dancehouse 2021), ‘Condition’ (Dancehouse 2020), ‘Synthetic Upper’ (VCA 2017) and, with collaborator Piaera Lauritz, ‘Colour Correction’ (Melbourne Fringe 2018) and ‘Self Repair’ (Melbourne Fringe 2017). Rhys has held choreographic residencies at Lucy Guerin Inc and Darebin Arts, and is currently a creative fellow at the State Library of Victoria. He is also a lawyer and legal academic, and writes on dance for Limelight and Dance Australia.

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