an oil painting of an acrobat performing in front of a stunned audience
a dancer in a fringed skirt lunges dramtically
An aerialist performs the splits on white silks

Blank Canvas

'Blank Canvas' is an art class with attitude! You're invited to get sketchy and make some art with the best circus, dance, drag and burlesque performers the Fringe has to offer from around Australia and around the world! You bring your sketchpad and pencils (or any other media you like!), and our incredible performers will offer scintillating acts to amaze and delight, as well as life-drawing style poses just itching to be sketched. Sit back and watch the show, or put pencil to paper….or both! The choice is yours!

Audience are welcome to bring their own art supplies. Drawing kits will be available for purchase.

Circus • Cabaret
South Australia • World Premiere

Thu, 14 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

My Lover Cindi


M15+ (1 Warning)

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