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Blake Everett: Freak Behaviour

A show about being laughed at.

Blake is a comedian, and a freak. Are all comedians freaks? No, some are normal, just like you. I am nothing like you. Come laugh, point and gawk at the freak.

As well as being a freak, Blake is a winner of the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Best Comedy, in his highly praised collaborative effort with Oliver Coleman in which they played two struggling shovel salesmen on the run from the Russian mob. Most recently, Blake was nominated for Best Music at the 2023 Melbourne Fringe.

"We loved whatever the f#%k that was." The Umbilical Brothers
'A young man with naturally funny bones.' Chortle (UK)
★★★★★ 'Complete and utter mayhem.' Adelaide Advertiser
★★★★½  'A natural fit in comedy.' The Music
★★★★½ The Age
★★★★½ Beat Magazine

Comedy • Sketch show
Victoria • World Premiere

Tue, 12 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Drama Llama at Rhino Room

$25 to $29

M (2 Warnings)

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