Bingo Jack's Big Book Magic Show

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Ideal Age Range:

4 years to 8 years

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About this event

Don't miss Bingo Jack this Fringe. Magic with positive messages. Each book has a magical story. See the magic of friendship, magical problem solving and Wordsworth (the puppet puppy) learn about playing fairly, see what happens when you eat the wrong foods, meet Stanley the magic bottle and much, much more. This show has something for every child.
Lots of audience participation, music, puppetry, a little poetry (who doesn't love a limerick) and of course, lots and lots of fun and funny business with wands, balloons and hats as your children laugh from start to finish.
Ideal for children 4 - 8 years of age. Bingo has travelled around Australia with these educational magic shows for this age group and he brings his talents to the GC this Fringe. You can be confident of this show.

Presented by:
John Burgess

Bingo Jack is a successful local magician, who's passion is children's entertainment. Born to a family of magicians, Bingo Jack is well travelled around Australia performing magic and was part last year’s Fringe. Returning this year, having spent 5 months touring presenting his successful Just for Fun Show and educational pre-school shows, Bingo Jack brings a quick wit and mixture of tricks and routines that engage and amuse.

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