Four femme people sitting at a dungeons and dragons gaming table looking at each other and laughing.
A woman is throwing her head back in laughter. She is wearing a purple dress with big puffy sleeves, has rainbow eyeshadow, elf ears, and diamantés on her face.
A picture of two femme people sitting at a D&D table. One of them has black glasses, is wearing a black leather jacket and fake long elf ears. She is throwing her head back in laughter. The other has short white hair, pink lipstick and a studded collar and she has a bemused look on her face.

Big Crit Energy - live Dungeons and Dragons!

It's time to roll initiative for this chaotically queer D&D adventure! Our performers will be rolling dice live on stage in epic fights with mythical beasts, sneaking their way past deadly traps, and making truly terrible decisions that will make the dungeon master question everything. If you don't know anything about D&D don't worry - neither do half of our players! 

Luna (Luboffin) - PAX Australia Special Guest 2022 & 2023, award winning cabaret and burlesque producer and performer 
Saskia - Mx Burlesque 2022 & Miss Ink Australia 2016  
Coogs McNally - Spoken Word Poetry SA 
Diana D'Vine - Lolly Bag Burlesque & Embrace Disability Arts Festival 
Ellen Graham - Role to Cast podcast and Madness of Two theatre company

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Comedy • Improv
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Wed, 13 Mar

90 min

My Lover Cindi

$25 to $35

R18+ (4 Warnings)

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