Bey Dance Run The World Workshops

• Interactive

After another huge year for our Queen Bey, Bey Dance can't wait to bring the latest moves and iconic favourites back to the Adelaide Fringe. Get ready to grind till you make it and unleash your inner DIVA upon the unsuspecting public for our fourth year of flashmobs.

Join us for our high energy, interactive, tongue in cheek, welcoming workshops. Whether you are a beginner, Boyonce, Bey Fan, Bey Hater (otherwise known as future Bey Fan) Bey Dance will have you nailing those struts like it's nobody's business and mastering the finest hairography this side of Rundle Mall.

Dress to sweat and bring water!

Presented by: Bey Dance

Bey Dance, is a fun, tongue in cheek, but completely dead diva serious dance "cult" obsessed with the high priestess of fierce, Beyonce. Inviting Queens of all dance experience levels, genders, ages, shapes and sizes to release the inner Beyonce in dance classes, performances and flashmobs so that every day life becomes a little bit more fabulous.

Bey Dance started in Melbourne in 2011. It has appeared at the Adelaide Fringe, Perth Fringe World, Melbourne Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe as well as on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala. But our biggest passion is our dance classes in Melbourne and Adelaide. Now featuring Bey Yoga, Beylates, Bey Party, Beyby Wearing, Bey Kids, Bollywood and Commercial Dance as well as our regular courses in the Bey Dance classic Beyonce routines, Bey Dance has all bases covered.