Between the Fractures - A person's silhouette within shards of glass on a black background

Between the Fractures

A story of relationship, dissociation, and safety, 'Between the Fractures' begins with Sam running from a fight wanting to shut out the world and escape the pain. Nothing seems to work… until they encounter Mas. 
They both want the same thing—for Sam to be as far away from the pain as possible. As Mas leads Sam down the path of safety, through their brain to find a spot for Sam to rest, the question remains: who will be in the real world to live Sam’s life? And how will Sam find their way back to reality should they choose to face it? 
An exciting new development coming from emerging Australian artists, Small Dog Productions, a female-run company. Join us for our World Premiere!

Theatre and Physical Theatre
Australia • World Premiere

Sat, 24 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

The Garage International @ Scots

$15 to $25

M (7 Warnings)

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IMPORTANT: This event has had a CHANGE OF VENUE from The Garage International @ Crack to The Garage International @ Scots (237 North Terrace, Adelaide), since the guide has gone to print.