Between the Curtains - A women is standing and staring with a nasal oxygen tube falling from her left nostril.  She has a hospital ID band as an earring, she is holding a green bedpan in her right arm and her left hand is holding an IV stand with a saline bag attached.

Between the Curtains

Can you become a Professional Patient?
After 23 years of hospital stays and emergency visits, Anita thinks she has finally found her profession.  
Follow the wacky journey of one woman as she dances with the hospital system and learns to become a professional patient. 'Between the Curtains' brings to life stories about friendships made, friends lost, dark nights alone and heroes found. It is a raw and comedic celebration of the procedures she loved to hate, the visitors she never wanted and the hospital angels that kept her alive. She might have you falling in love with hospitals and catheters, and most definitely nurses.
Winner of Best Emerging Artist Sydney Fringe 2023 and Spirit of the Fringe Sydney Fringe 2022. Nominated for Best in Comedy Sydney Fringe 2023.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
New South Wales • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Thu, 29 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

55 min

The Warehouse Theatre

$22 to $25

R18+ (1 Warning)

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