Bestiaries of the More-Than-Humane - Jonathan Keats stands on a university campus with glasses and blonde hair holding a device of some kind

Bestiaries of the More-Than-Humane

Through field observations and laboratory experimentation, biologists have shown that nonhuman primates evaluate fairness in terms similar to humans, and that rats manifest humanlike reciprocity in their social arrangements.  

This arts research workshop will explore lessons in ethics to be learned from creatures, providing a space for creative expression of the more-than-humane. Guided by Jonathon Keats and Alice Gorman, participants will evaluate the lifeways of animals and plants and fungi they know personally, deriving guidance that might be applied to the human domain. Each participant will then narrate what one of the creatures has to teach in a small hand-crafted book inspired by medieval bestiaries.

Workshops & Talks • Workshop
United States • Australian Premiere

Thu, 29 Feb

2 hr 30 min

Level 1 at Flinders' City Campus at Festival Plaza

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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