Best Before - A majestic milkman with a lush flowing moustache lay stunned by a blinding light. His face is a look of confusion mixed with hints of rage. What lay beyond the frame? A horse? Nay. Not a horse. An expression like that tells you he is looking at more than a horse...

Best Before

After performing his multi-award winning debut show, Lucy & Me, physical comedian and all-round idiot Nicolas Angelosanto returns with a new show filled with the full cream adventures of Australia’s last milkman. Join Wendel, a milkman on a mission as he battles against the terrors of soy milk and even worse, hipsters!
Across fifty minutes of milky goodness audiences can expect outrageous laughs and a
splash zone that would even make free-Willy blush.

Light refreshments available. May contain milk.

★★★★ “Delightful, engaging and funny, you’ll leave with a smile on your face” The Advertiser

★★★★ “Comical and unforgettable” Girls with a curfew

“Never a boring moment” Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Comedy • Clown
Queensland • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

50 min

The Chapel at The Courtyard of Curiosities at the Migration Museum

$16 to $24

M (1 Warning)

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