A man wearing a beret, striped top and carrying a red accordion stares in shock, mouth agape. A woman with long brown curly hair is holding him from behind and watching him bemused. White font reads Nuworks, Belfast - Patrick and the IRA.
A man in a brown jacket stands central holding one finger out as if to say no to an individual who's back is to the camera and who's arms are spread wide.
A man dressed in priest attire sings into a handheld mic.

Belfast:Patrick and the IRA

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical theatre
Victoria • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

From the company that brought you That Bastard Brecht and BELFAST (Winner of a Weekly Best Theatre and Physical Theatre Award: Adelaide Fringe 2022 ): NUWORKS: theatre made in Australia presents a very serious IRISH comedy with 10 new songs in the Nuworks Epic style. Patrick lives a peaceful life in Belfast, delusional but peaceful... until his old school friend Mallacay comes to call and Patrick owes him a favour or two. 

MALLACAY: We want you to plant a bomb at the Post Office..

PATRICK: You’re frickin jokin, you’re havin a laugh, me mother’d disown me Mallacay. She likes the Post Office and the pillar boxes and the phone boxes. She likes the red of them, it’s a beautiful red: it makes her feel comfortable. She’s always wanted a coat that colour…pillar box red. 

Presented by: Nuworks: theatre made in australia