A performer in a light blue wig and doll-like makeup smiles too widely at the camera. Her hands are beside her face as if to say 'tah-dah!' The image is distorted like it's been cut into 5 pieces.
Three images are repeated side by side of a woman in a blue wig, smiling suggestively and poking a finger into her dimple. The middle image is untouched but the left and right are distorted, wavy and taking all the colour away from the woman, leaving her silhouette colourful and harsh.
A performer in a red top and green, shoulder-length wig looks off-camera. She has a wistful expression on her face. There is a circular Supported by the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund logo.

Be A Doll, Won't You?

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Solo show
South Australia • World Premiere

Ever felt like a piece of meat? Lulu does! As a woman in the sex industry, the world constantly objectifies her, until she eventually becomes the thing everyone always sees her as - a doll.

‘Be A Doll, Won’t You?’ is a visceral, genre-bending look at gender, sexual fluidity, sex work, and the temptation to profit off your own indifference.

In an intimate one-person production, award-winning actor/theatre-maker Ellen Graham will take you on an intimate journey through the sex industry and the increasing consumer demands on a femme body.

Deftly directed by emerging director Zola Allen, 'Be A Doll, Won't You?' will astound, arouse, and disgust as you see a woman peel away her own self-image bit by bit, like the world's most psychologically devastating strip show.

Presented by: Ellen Graham

Ellen Graham is an actor, playwright, drag king, clown, streamer and podcaster. She graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2017 and has charged recklessly into the life of a creative ever since. She has performed throughout the country in South Australia, in Sydney and Melbourne and internationally at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is one half of independent theatre company, Madness of Two with her frequent collaborator, Jamie Hornsby. Together, the pair created 'Dead Gorgeous: A True Crime Clown Show' for the 2020 Adelaide Fringe and 'Claire Della and the Moon' at the Parks Theatre in 2020 which won the 2021 AWGIE award for Theatre for Young Audiences and the esteemed David Williamson Prize.

Ellen always looks to make art that is beautiful and grotesque