Battery Operated Boyfriend

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MaGowan Room at The Duke of Brunswick

207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA, Australia

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Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

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Occasional, Mild

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  • Auslan Interpretation
    February 26th performance only
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About this event

GIANT NERD AUSTRALIA presents a sci fi romance with a digital twist! Sam is the world's top A.I. expert who creates a digital boyfriend for herself named BOB. Sam and Bob are suddenly called on to save the world and THEN it gets weird.

Written by Steve Brady, performed by Nicol Cabe and Steve Brady.

Described by audience members as "mesmerising" and "thought provoking".

★★★★ "Vibrating with laughter ... darkly funny" All Over Adelaide.

Presented by:
Giant Nerd Australia

Steve Brady is writer, producer, director and co-founder of Giant Nerd Australia.

After many years of toiling as an IT serf, he decided to break the shackles and become a performer.

Starting improv training with On The Fly Theatre in Adelaide, he cut his teeth on improv performances around town. he's now a regular on the Adelaide improv Scene.

In 2017 he founded improv troupe ImproCity and they debuted Galactic Trek in 2018 Adelaide Fringe to critical and popular acclaim.

Teaming up with Nicol Cabe from Giant Nerd Productions in Seattle, Washington, they founded Giant Nerd Australia and then debuted "Battery Operated Boyfriend" and also Nicol's solo show "Effing Robots" at 2019 Adelaide Fringe.

​Both shows have since been performed in the US and Canada to positive acclaim.

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