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Kristen Hardy from State Opera and good friend Rohan Powell have often lamented being typecast by voice or style.
So what happens when roles, styles, and genres are reversed?
Can an Opera singer sing Stand By Your Man ( in Italian? ) and does the country singer even dare to attempt some Celine Dion?
Maybe they'll just sing each other's repertoire.
A bass-baritone version of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, and a mezzo version of There is Nothin Like a Dame from South Pacific ??
What could possibly go wrong?

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Mudfish Music

Rohan Powell's talent is seemingly endless with his ability to turn his hand to all things music. From his comedic routines with a guitar and a series of 'what if's ... what if Richie Benaud was the lead singer of the Eagles?' His quick one-liners and finely developed vocal musings to the serious business of singing songs that 'say something'.

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