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Baby Bi Bi Bi - Event image

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Strap in or strap on for a wickedly funny, often filthy cabaret about being a bisexual woman. With seven original songs such as “Do I Wanna Be You (Or Do I Wanna F*ck You)”, “Salad with the Girls, But in a Gay Way” and “Portable Closet”, Baby Bi Bi Bi explores the questions we're still asking ourselves and the questions we wish Brent Dongus would stop asking us at parties.

"This is the best directed cabaret I’ve seen in a long time – and the best written." Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers
"The perfect gay content this world needs" Danielle Scrimshaw, Farrago

People's Choice Award - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018
Queer Development & Mentorship Award Supported by Midsumma Festival - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018
Nominated for Best Cabaret - Melbourne Fringe 2018

Presented by:
Flesh Coloured Panties Productions

Flesh Coloured Panties Productions

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