AUSTEN TAYSHUS @ PAYNEHAM RSL 24th Feb - Middle aged man in dark sunglasses and suit with a serious expression.


New South Wales

Every show is unique. He weaves current politics, what’s happening in the room, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, semantics, religion and of course, sport and let’s not forget the Pope into the one gag. 
Tayshus is a man of controversy. There is no subject he won’t dissect. Uncomfortable, confronting but always illuminating. An Austen Tayshus Show is both hilarious and cleansing. 
Tayshus has said that he sees his role as social agitator, as the prickle in the paw that makes people think. He doesn’t need you to like him, in fact he would prefer that you didn’t. 
"Mandy Nolan" Byron Bay Echo. 

Austen Tayshus will appear live for one night only in @ Payneham RSL Friday 24th Feb. Doors at 6pm show from 8pm. 

Presented by: Returned Services League Payneham

Parking available at the venue.