In black and white, a woman pulls a comical face whilst holding two mirror balls
Laughing woman in gold shirt and gold lashes holds three mirror (disco) balls up to her face
Laughing woman in black leotard kicks up her heels whilst sitting in a hola hoop. The echo of atomic paths from a cloud chamber are in the background.

Atomically Correct

This is the (nuclear) fusion you've been waiting for! A science comedy that explores how, even though we're mostly nothing, we all still matter.

Unravel the mysteries from inside the atom with award-winning Rachel Rayner, Science Explainer. Delve into language, lies, quantum-level realities, and the happy accident that is the human race. There are sure to be plenty of puns - all particularly smashing. Whatever your state, it'll be a quarking good time. 

“Do yourself a favour – you’ll laugh, you’ll learn.” Dr Karl

"This show will remind you just how beautifully atomically correct we are." TimeOut 

"This is a discovery worth celebrating. You shouldn't miss is any show Rayner is in." Chuck Moore

Recommended by the Governor of SA and TimeOut Sydney Editor's pick of the Sydney Fringe.

Comedy • Science
New South Wales

Thu, 22 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

Little Bang Brewing Co. at Little Bang Brewery Co.

$22 to $26

PG (3 Warnings)

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