A 3D chunk of Minecraft's video game world is shown floating above a tessellated pattern of light purple diamonds. The game chunk is made up of many small cubes, which come together to create a vibrant oasis in a desert, with a stone mine shown underneath.
A screenshot from the video game Minecraft shows a dimly lit, upside down ballroom. Chandeliers ride from the floor, which is made of glass skylights. Player avatars can be seen at various points on the ground of the room.
A screenshot from the video game Minecraft depicts a group of 11 players huddled together in a circle. It is daytime and they are on a sandy hill inside a huge glass dome. Outside the dome, large cliffs and a tall tower can be seen extending above the top of the frame.

Asynchrony: An Interactive Minecraft Experience

• Online Performance
Victoria • SA Premiere

Fresh from a season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 'Asynchrony' is a video game/theatre hybrid event unlike anything you've seen before. 200 years in the future, you are invited to explore an abandoned Minecraft server. As you adventure, the server becomes increasingly unstable, kickstarting a race to uncover the secrets of this strange and changing world before it's destroyed forever.

This is an online experience where actors and participants are voice connected and play Minecraft together on their computers. Participants will require a paid Minecraft Java Edition account, a Discord account, and a stable internet connection. Got questions? Visit our website or view our sample performance instructions PDF.

Not an official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang.

Presented by: Sequence Break Productions and Monash Uni Student Theatre (MSA)

Born from the development of ‘Asynchrony’, Sequence Break Productions specialises in creating live experiences that unite the realms of theatre and video games. Breaking from the traditional model of theatre, we strive to give audiences newfound levels of agency in the context of theatrical experiences. Sequence Break pushes the boundaries of live events in digital spaces and explores how interactive digital technologies are incorporated into physical events.

Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST) is a place where artists of the future can experiment with what tomorrow could be, creating the conditions that encourage all students to become artists in a diverse set of performance-based fields. The Sequence Break team is thrilled to have developed ‘Asynchrony’ with MUST throughout 2021.