The title "Outer Child" is in bright orange and green letters, in front of two images of Ashley: one is at the forefront of the image, it's Ashley as a child looking off into the upper distance, hopeful as her eyes are filled with possibility and excitement. The second image blends in slightly with the background,  Ashley is dressed as an adult, in a glowing circle (as if she is the moon) frowning and looking fed up.
In front of a black background that has colourful pixelations, Ashley stands to the left of the image, in a colourful tie-dyed t-shirt covered by denim overalls. She has colourful scrunchies in her hair and looks at the camera with an excited, curious look on her face, her eyes wide and her mouth open and rounded, as if she's saying "ooooh!" Another representation of Ashley wearing a purple leopard print skivvy, stands on the right side of the image, looking into the camera with an annoyed, disgusted frown on her insecure face.
Ashley wearing glasses and is standing in front of a painted background of a mountain scene. There are purple flowers in the foreground. She is holding a large notenook with a large red sad face on it. Text below reads, 'A 6 step program to access your inner child with Ashley Apap'.

Ashley Apap - Outer Child

Cabaret • Comedy
Victoria • World Premiere

Nominated for the Golden Gibbo Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

You’ve abandoned your Inner Child for too long – so how will you cope with the tantrum that follows? Join Ashley Apap as she wrestles with the child inside her (ew, not like that).

It’s time to heal – whether you’re prepared for the wounds to break open or not. On this frenzied journey of self-discovery and self-destruction, you’ll be guided through the six steps towards repair, understanding and self-compassion.

Ashley is deeply insecure – but inside her is a loud, grotty ball of confidence. Through her remarkable character work, original songs and colourful personality, she'll take you along on an exploration sure to be "filled with heart, deep belly laughs and killer vocals" (Theatre Thoughts).

After sold out runs of her award-nominated debut hour Ouch! in 2022, Outer Child takes a more conceptual path. The writer/performer examines how our insecurities can conflict with our true selves, and how seemingly harmless influences may be more damaging than they appear. This hour of mayhem may leave you asking, "and is this 'Inner Child' in the room with us right now?".

‘Great comic potential and a voice not often heard.’ The Age

‘A triumph for this up-and-coming artist. ★★★★’ Theatre Thoughts

‘Intimate, entertaining and thoroughly relatable... a truly incredible performance. ★★★★’ Theatre People

‘Apap’s stand-up skills are exceptional... a natural performer and a gifted comic.’ Theatre Travels

Presented by: Ashley Apap

Ashley is a Melbourne based writer/performer/creator who dabbles in a bit of everything funny: stand-up, musical comedy, sketch, improv and storytelling. As well as being nominated for the Golden Gibbo (MICF 2022) for the sold out run of her debut show Ouch! at MICF, Sydney Fringe and Melbourne Fringe, Ashley has been making waves in the comedy scene around Australia. Quoted by The Age as having "great comic potential and a voice not often heard" Ashley writes from a place of introspection, leading with vulnerability and honesty to create an intimate and unique experience for audiences. Ashley was in the writers room workshop for upcoming Malthouse Theatre play "Telethon Kid" by Alistair Baldwin and also does freelance joke writing for other comedians.

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