A tea-bowl with multi-coloured glazes and thick textures.

Art of the Tea-Bowl

• Pottery
The Tea-Bowl is one the most treasured objects within the world of ceramics and this exhibition brings together 5 noteworthy potters who maintain a passion for this seemingly ordinary but most complex of forms.

Koji Hoashi and Pete Pilven enjoy playing with glaze to decorate their electric kiln fired Tea-Bowls which contrasts the works of the wood-firers, Jen Lyall, Sandy Lockwood and Zak Chalmers who on their bowls, create tactile surfaces from a combination of glaze and deposited wood ash from the firing. All 5 potters' approach to the Tea-Bowl is unique but there is a singular quest; to create Tea-Bowls that yearn to be cradled within the palm of the hand, wanting to be touched, examined, with the form revealing its textural qualities and contrasts of exposed clay and the glazed surface.

Presented by: Gallery J on Lincoln

Gallery J on Lincoln is an architecturally designed and purpose built gallery space that aims to promote and develop an understanding of the ceramic art form. The gallery operates only during the Adelaide Fringe Festival but visits are welcome by appointment. The gallery focuses on interstate potters whose works are never or rarely seen in South Australia thus introducing to the SA arts community and collectors, a wide and varied range from this fascinating medium, clay.
John Ferguson, the owner and curator of Gallery J on Lincoln is an experienced potter and a passionate collector of ceramics. During Ferguson's long career, he has conducted workshops and exhibited both nationally and internationally as well as having works in many private and State ceramic collections, here and abroad.