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Ari Arari
A group of performers on what looks like a pirate ship

Ari Arari

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical theatre
South Korea • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

“Ari Arari” is a musical created from the story of Arirang; which is a Korean folk song from more than 600 years ago, from Jeongseon, Gangwon Province. 

Arirang as a term today is ambiguous in meaning, but some linguists have hypothesized that "Ari" meant "beautiful" and "rang" referred to a "beloved one" or "bridegroom" in the ancient native Korean language. So, it practically means "My beloved one".

Arirang is included twice on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The song is sung today in both North and South Korea, and represents the symbol of unity in it's region of origin, that is now divided into two by the Korean DMZ.

Musical Performance “Ari Arari” tells us the story of a sweeping epic that captures the enduring bonds of family. 

Presented by: Jeongseon Arirang Culture Foundation | Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd