Anna Piper Scott: Such An Inspiration - Anna Piper Scott, a stunning trans woman, reclines on a bright yellow backdrop. She has blonde hair, purple nails and is wearing gold shoes, a gold tiara and gold dress, which drapes across the floor next to her. She has a confident smile, and an arm raised in a flamboyant pose.

Anna Piper Scott: Such An Inspiration

Comedy • Stand-up
Victoria • SA Premiere

There's only three stories they ever tell about trans women - punchline, villain or victim. Are you ready for a fourth? Anna Piper Scott is a stand up comedian, trans woman and the voice of a generation. After garnering a wave of acclaim for her second debut show, Queer & Present Danger, she's back with a powerful and controversial hour of stand up.

'Such An Inspiration' is show about the power of jokes - how they can limit you, how they can liberate you, how they can hurt you and how they can heal you. It's a show about court jesters, chaos demons and Dave Chappelle. And it's a show about how annoying it is to transition and still be required to have an opinion on sport.


★★★★1/2 "Such An Inspiration is a hard-hitting show [...] she puts the ‘trans’ in transgressive" Chortle.

Presented by: Anna Piper Scott

Anna Piper Scott is a Perth-born, Melbourne-based stand-up comedian with over 10 years of experience across Australia. She's trans woman of remarkable wit and social insight, a skilled writer and bold performer.

She best known for her solo show 'Queer & Present Danger' which toured around Australian festivals to rave reviews and sold out crowds. It also won her multiple accolades such as a nomination for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe (2019), nomination for Best Comedy and Best Solo and winner of Best of the Fest in Hobart (2020), Winner of the Best Comedy Weekly Award at Adelaide Fringe (2021), Winner Critics Choice and Best Comedy Weekly Award at Fringe World (2020)... and more!

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