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Manadi "Angel" Lopa, a renowned Ghanaian reggae artist, is from the Northern region of Ghana where indigenous music has a different feel & sound to what you would hear in the city Accra, or along the coastline. The music has more of a traditional folk feel about it. It is rich yet simple & and tells stories of harvest, love, wisdom, peace, & of deep spiritual connections to the land. Lopa's originals are delivered in English & local Ghanaian languages & dialects (Hausa, Sisala, Ga, Twi & Ewe) significant to his connection with different regions.

Gabrielle Lopa is a seasoned Adelaide performer. Having visited Ghana several times for professional development she continues to expand her knowledge of the culture; music, dance, food & languages. Her passion for music & thirst for Ghanaian culture is a perfect balance for the work they create together.

"The universal language of music breaks language barriers, heals & empowers us. We love performing together & we love to share with you."

Presented by: Gabrielle Lopa

Born into a family rich in cultural traditions & with a career spanning over 20yrs as a reggae artist Manadi Angel Lopa is among the most impressive & celebrated singer/songwriters of West African music. A gifted guitarist with a voice described as warm & earthy, gravelly & smokey; a vocal variability that has become his trademark. Manadi gained experience singing, playing & arranging for many bands throughout Nigeria & Ghana; High Class Band, Rock City Dance Band, Sunny Rainbow Dance Band, Roxy Kasif Kashif, The Broadway Dance Band, Feeling Brothers, Black Planets & The Hope of Africa Band. Formed in 2002 the internationally successful Hope of Africa Band played throughout Ghana at concerts & festivals and toured Australia in 2015. Their debut album Jah Spirit earned the group many awards including Most Popular Reggae Song of the Year. Manadi combines Afro folk with roots reggae, High Life, Jamaican Ska, & Afro beat to bring to audiences unique, passionate & beautifully lyrical tracks