An Inspector Calls - With an air of intrigue, a sharply dressed man in a fedora stands before an open doorway, his silhouette casting a mysterious shadow into the room before him.

An Inspector Calls

Fringe 2024 will see Fifth Business Theatre Company Fifth Business perform An Inspector Calls a play by J. B. Priestley. Priestley presents an unconventional approach to the traditional whodunit of detective fiction; the guiding mystery of Priestley’s play is not who killed the victim, but how each member of the Birling family contributed to her death. The Birlings' collective guilt conveys Priestley’s message that it is the social duty of every human being to examine the impact of any action on others and to care for and help them, without self-consideration. Building on previous Fringe productions and an extensive list of in house shows, FBTC is committed to creating theatrical experiences where audiences and actors can discover authenticity of text and character.

Theatre and Physical Theatre
South Australia

Fri, 23 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

2 hr 30 min

Tyndale Theatre


PG (1 Warning)

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