An Afghanistan Lost : Photography by Muzafar Ali - A Hazara woman and five children in bright and patchy clothing sit on the ground.

An Afghanistan Lost : Photography by Muzafar Ali

• Photography
South Australia • World Premiere

Across 2005-2012 I took thousands of photographs of ordinary life in Afghanistan. When I was forced to leave I smuggled them out of the country in a sleeping bag, knowing that they would become priceless. These photos represent what has been lost - the hope and aspirations of the everyday people of Afghanistan.

Muzafar Ali was the first Afghan photographer exhibited by the United Nations in Afghanistan. His solo and joint exhibitions have been held in Afghanistan, the Republic of Korea, USA, UK, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia.

Presented by: Light Sound Art Film

Light Sound Art Film is a creative arts and film production company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Exhibition Opening is on Saturday 5th March 5:30pm.