Amazing Drumming Monkeys - The Garden Show

• Puppetry
The AMAZING DRUMMING MONKEYS have been wowing audiences around Australia and overseas for the past 13 years!

The Monkeys combine a unique blend of puppetry, live music, comedy, and heartwarming themes, to deliver a fun filled interactive show for the whole family.

This is an adorable little variety show aimed at 1 - 8 yr olds, and is also great entertainment for all ages.

The 2 monkey puppets (Bongo & Congo) play live African drums, and interact with the audience through songs, dances, and special comedy segments. The show also features death defying special guests, and positive messages such as caring for our environment, and getting along with each other.

This year's theme celebrated the joys of "The Garden", and each child will have the opportunity to take home a vegetable seed, ready to plant!

The monkeys have been reviewed as:

"The Next Wiggles" (NT News)

"The Next Bananas!" (Nicole Foote JJJ)

"★★★★1/2 Top Banana! - Beating Hi 5 hands down" (Adelaide Advertiser)

Presented by: Amazing Drumming Monkeys