Am I the drama? - a blonde man wearing a pink sequined jacket stares off into the distance, confused.

Am I the drama?

Winner: QLD Touring Award - Melbourne Fringe 2023
Nominee: Golden Gibbo Award - MICF 2023
Nominee: Green Room Awards - Best Writing 2022 & 2021

Shut the front door and lock it behind you! 
A new ride has opened up at Warner Bros’ Movie World, Hollywood on the Gold Coast™️, and you’ve got fricken VIP ACCESS, BABY! 
Journey through the mind & life of unhinged homosexual Andy Balloch, where you’ll meet some truly borked characters, like: Clingy Nazis! Desperate real estate agents! Cassandra the Witch! …and Harry from Love Island, who just wants to f*ck the pool jets. 

“★★★★★” Lilithia Reviews 
"★★★★" ArtsHub
“★★★★” Hugging Comedians 

“A brilliant queer comedic mind” The Age 
“That rare thing of blissfully, joyously dumb & incredibly, enviably sharp!” Reuben Kaye
“Nothing short of a wonder” Beat Magazine

Comedy • Sketch show
Victoria • SA Premiere

Mon, 04 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

The Majestic

$28 to $32

M (2 Warnings)

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