All The Things I Couldn't Say - An iPhone sits on a table with the words 'I love you' written in the message box unsent. The phone is cluttered by pens and desk items.

All The Things I Couldn't Say

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Devised
South Australia • World Premiere

‘I was wondering whether we could exchange phone numbers?'

'We… us… us? Ugh, no. Ew.’

Inspired by The Unsent Project, be privy to a small snapshot into the lives of people who are on the edge of confession. Should they say what they’ve always wanted to, and what would happen if they did?

Deus Ex Femina, with Katherine Sortini at the healm, return to the Adelaide Fringe for the World Premiere of their debut original show. 

Winner Adelaide Festival Centre's InSPACE Fringe Award 2022

Presented by: Deus Ex Femina

Deus Ex Femina is an independent theatre company founded by theatre maker, actor and writer, Katherine Sortini. Katherine Sortini has been privileged enough to work with companies like the State Theatre Company of South Australia, RUMPUS, Ladylike Theatre Collective and South Australian Playwrights Theatre. She attended the ATYP National Studio in 2020 and her play was chosen for The Intersection Festival in 2021 where her piece, Heroes, was published by Currency Press.

Deus Ex Femina is passionate about telling stories and creating provocative, thoughtful theatre and we aspire to use our platform to inspire, learn, collaborate and educate. Deus Ex Femina’s debuted the Australian premiere 'Baby, What Blessings' in The Adelaide Fringe in 2021 to rave reviews.