Alice Fraser: ETHOS

Scaled alice rosie for pg 800 x 800

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Scaled alice rosie for pg 800 x 800

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Intelligence- the next frontier. We've always been fascinated by non-human minds. From the Golem- the Jewish myth of a clay man animated by the name of God, to Frankenstein's monster, to the prospect of superhuman artificial intelligence- computers who could think, and threaten civilisation. Imagine an Artificial Intelligence: a brilliant but naive mind, newly created. Now imagine that machine-mind is left to learn about our world by watching a comedy show. See Alice Fraser explain trigger warnings, pornography and cultural hypocrisy to a non-human intelligence. A silly, funny, and smart show that explores what it is to be human. "A life-changer. A show that made you laugh, shiver, smile, cry" Edinburgh Guide (UK) ★★★★★ "Innately, inescapably funny. Alice Fraser is a star" Herald Sun ★★★★★

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Frontier Comedy

Frontier Comedy is a division of Frontier Touring, focusing on bringing Australia and New Zealand the best comedians from home and abroad. The company launched in 2015 as a joint venture between Frontier Touring and More Comedy. Frontier Comedy has toured shows from some of comedy’s finest including Alan Cumming, Eric Andre, Rosie Waterland, Alex Williamson and Em Rusciano.

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