Alex Williamson: Oi Mate!

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Top of the Ark at Arkaba Hotel

150 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton, SA, 5063

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May contain drug references.
Contains coarse language and adult themes.

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About this event

The Loosest Aussie Bloke, Alex Williamson is back with another crushing hour of pure, uncut comedy platinum. A comedy festival isn't complete without an aggressive Australian telling jokes in a hilariously threatening manner, baring all with the type of truth usually reserved for therapy sessions.

Allow (internet) famous comedian Alex (1.3mil Facebook, 586k Instagram, 625k YouTube, 17 Tinder) to make you laugh, think, and possibly even cry. You know the drill -- book early mates!

"Hilarious... the Aussie comic has well and truly earned his rave reputation" The Speakeasy (NZ)

★★★★ "His observational humour should serve as a necessary kick in the bollocks to his overexposed predecessors. This is how a modern comic mind SHOULD work" The Herald Sun

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