After Life: Conversations From A Hospital Waiting Room

Scaled 800

1 Venue

Finsart Studio

Level 4/14, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content warnings: M

Coarse Language:

Occasional, Strong

Scaled 800

About this event

When Wes and Ash visit their friend Francis in hospital, he claims to be an interdimensional traveller. Reeling from this news, they are forced to confront their relationship with him and their own personal flaws.

This production is a collaboration between three youthful South Australian creatives looking to bring a unique and surreal voice to Adelaide theatre and immerse their audience in a mysterious narrative along with uniquely flawed characters.

Presented by:
Nicholas Howson, Kyle Dolan and Robert Baulderstone

Adelaide locals, this creative group is premiering an original play.

Nicholas Howson is a previous Fringe volunteer ready to make the leap into creating a show of his own.

Kyle Dolan is a film and musical theater fanatic with experience in intimate plays and promoting unique and bold pieces.

Robert Baulderstone has been involved with theater since high school. Having debuted as a director with the University of Adelaide Theater Guild's production of 'The Motherf**ker with the Hat', Robert wants to make an impact with his debut as a playwright, while also directing the piece.

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