Afrobeat Collective

Music • World Music

Afrobeat Collective is an event featuring a group of West African Musicians who have brought their wealth of musical talent together for unforgettable shows this Fringe.

The artists performing under this banner are Moore Black & the Organic Roots (; Bortier Okoe & Telema Bii (; and Manadi Angel Lopa (

Moore Black, who fronts Adelaide band, Organic Roots performed across Europe in the 1990s. His style is a mix of reggae, spoken word, afrobeat, jazz, calypso and highlife.

Bortier Okoe has performed around the world, and is revered as one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists in the African music genre. Well-known for his extraordinary musical gifts and exciting innovations, Bortier Okoe truly is one of Africa's most inspirational musicians.

Ghanaian born Manadi Angel Lopa brings the spirit of West Africa with unique fusions of indigenous afro folk music, roots reggae, Ghanaian high life, ska, afrobeat, and jazz.

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