A man with dark skin and long dreadlocks tied up on the top of his head sings into a microphone on a stand while playing the guitar. He wears a cream coloured, patterned flowy jacket, the lighting behind him is glowing yellow.

African Chillout

Music • World Music
With his trademark voice and eclectic collection of Zongo & Reggae originals, Manadi delivers conscious and socially motivated messages in an atmosphere that will transport you to Africa. Manadi's African quartet play's tracks from his new album Ayeela (our songs) in the most intimate series yet. Get close, personal & feel 'irie'.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Patrons are encouraged to BYO picnic & non alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks will be available to purchase from outside bar 'ONE DROP'. Card payments preferred.

EXPECTATIONS: It's practically impossible to go to an African show and not expect a little bit of participation!

Presented by: MANADi LOPA

MANADi, which means “sit & share together” in his Sisaala dialect, is from Tumu, an African village in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Singing in English and language, his vocal variability along with his passion for “zaman lafiya” (peace) have become Manadi’s trademark. His influences; the indigenous Hausa speaking Zongo’s who traditionally played the kalangu (talking drum), balafon (xylophone) and molo (2 string gourde guitar) can be heard in the sweet tunes. This intimate show will be performed by a quartet of guitar, bass, African drums and percussion. Incorporating his seven languages he sings stories of agriculture, happiness and life in the ghetto. Bolstered by catchy choruses that stick with you for days, his messages have an ability to positively transform the mind.