Adele by Andrea (A Tribute to Adele)

Adele by Andrea (A Tribute to Adele) - Event image

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Adele by Andrea (A Tribute to Adele) - Event image

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Be mesmerised as Andrea and her band take you on an emotional journey as they perform some of Adele’s greatest hits.

When Adele made her mark in the music industry, she struck a chord in Andrea’s heart. She related to all things that this remarkable woman was expressing to the world.

Adele has the capacity to reach right into your soul, making you feel like her pain is your own. This incredible Songstress lays it all out on the line, time and time again.

Andrea who is also a Singer/Songwriter has found great inspiration through Adele’s lyrics and style of singing; as an Artist to lay it all out on the line with no regret, Andrea believes is the height of accomplishment.

From an early age Andrea had always had a passion for anything in the artistic world. When a lifetime in the Dance industry began causing body ailments, she discovered using her voice in Song as another way to showcase her creative work.

Come on the journey with Andrea Purcell, Elke Stanton, Jay Westwood, Titus Ng, Emanuel Auciello and Hannah Beale as we step into the World of Adele.

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