The Art of Tongue Cast on a stage posing in silly ways for the camera.
The Cast of the Art of Tongue rushed the presenter and an axe man trying to fend them off.
Some of the Cast of The Art of Tongue trying to rip the microphone out of a mans hand.

Aaah...The Art of Tongue!

In the heart of South Australia, there's a vibrant community that's passionate about communication—a community that believes in the transformative power of words.

The Power of Words: Imagine a world where every word you speak captivates hearts and minds. We believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any endeavour. It's the key to unlocking doors, forging connections, and creating change.

A Show Like No Other: Our show is not just another performance; it's a celebration of the art of communication. Through storytelling, oratory, poetry, stand-up and improv, we bring together the voices of our community in an interactive and immersive audience experience. Join us on a journey that redefines the way we connect with each other.

Interactive • Spoken word
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Sun, 10 Mar

90 min

The Den at Public Speaking Training


M (4 Warnings)

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