A Visit With Nan In A Caravan

Comedy • Interactive
A few audience members - in one caravan - with three spiteful old grannies - for 15 minutes. Australia's most irreverent grannies; Edith Vale (Thomas Jaspers), Maureen McGillicuddy (Kyle Minall) and Caroline Springs (Scott Brennan) have been travelling around Australia, and they want to tell you all about it.

These nasty old ducks won the Golden Gibbo award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and they're thrilled to be taking their caravan cross country to treat Adelaide to one of the most intimate shows you'll ever see. Fair warning - getting intimate with these ladies may offend a delicate nose.

Please note; the role of Caroline Springs will be rotated between various performers.

Presented by: Granny Bingo

Age Suitability: PG. This show contains loud noises and takes place in an intimate setting which some may find uncomfortable.