performers hold umbrellas and smile in the background, while a performer holds a musical instrument in the foreground
dancers lean on each other during performance
performers stand in formation

A Touch of Formosa Heart

Music • Dance
Taiwan • World Premiere

The culture of Taiwan, while enormously influenced by traditional Chinese and indigenous art, music, and literature, is also blended with elements from Austronesian, Japanese and Western worlds. Taiwanese people are unbiased in their embrace of new cultures and for this reason, Taiwan is a true melting pot in the heart of Asia. 

An epic performance told in three acts based on traditional Taiwanese folk culture, encompassing live music, dance, and storytelling exploring the breadth, depth, and complexities of modern-day Taiwanese life.

A celebration and moving tribute to the beauty, resilience, and culture of Taiwan the ‘beautiful island’, ‘A Touch of Formosa Heart’ is a must see cultural event in the Adelaide Fringe program. 

Presented by: Formosa Melody Music Centre, FCS Dancers and Lewis Major

Established in Yilan County, Taiwan in 1994, Formosa Melody Music Centre is the preeminent traditional cultural performing arts organisation in Taiwan. Bringing life to traditional and contemporary Taiwanese culture, they have performed concerts and shows in mountains, seasides, temples, schools, hospitals, and performance halls across Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan.

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